Monday, May 10, 2010

5/10/10 Training

Today was sort of a mixed day on training.

On the clean and press, I got to 160 pounds, which I believe is 10 pounds up from what I did last week. But my problem is, it seems once I cross the 140 pound mark I will just start using my legs to jerk the weight and I'm not sure if thats what I really want to do or not. I feel if I'm going to jerk it, I could go heavier, but I have some nervous twitch where I can't force myself to grind out a solid press once the weight gets to a certain level. The problem is, the exercise is so challenging to perform, technically, that I get all hyped up just after performing a solid clean that I don't want to 'fuck it up' by failing the press, so I jerk it because I know I'll succeed. not that I'm even using my legs a whole lot, but still, its not 'strict form'.

On the deadlift I got to 380 for one, though it was oddly hard. I hit 375 right before the 380, and I ended up doing two reps at 375, so I feel like I got 3 heavy reps in, since 380 and 375 are close enough. Still, I don't know if I was just weak today or if 360+ lbs deadlifts are just always going to beat the shit out of me. Perhaps I shouldn't worry too much. I remember having the same problem with the high 200s and low 300s just a few months ago and now those weights are mostly easy. Perhaps this will change once my upper levels of strength grow to the point I can handle closer to 500.

I also did a ring handle lift of up to 170 pounds though this was super hard on my hands. I didn't realize just how hard that damn ring digs into your finger bones, its extreme. Will have to see if this is something I can train or what. I WANT to one arm deadlift, but I don't want it to rip my fingers off. Perhaps I need to just suck it up and deal with the Rolling Thunder handle, difficult though it may be.

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