Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Starting again

Alright, I had my old blog which I was going to use as some sort of platform for hoity toity fitness articles and not much else, but frankly I'd like to discuss and record my own training and write down my current theories/ideas as I get them, and be less formal about this whole thing. This is a freaking workout blog, not the end all be all of my career.

So on from that, as of this writing I'm currently coming off of a long training program focused rather heavily on strength via powerlifts. I am keeping up with the power lifts on a less frequent basis and trying to get in more conditioning work so as to focus on what I currently feel are weak points in my training. My current set up is as follows

Monday - Clean and Press; Deadlift; assistance exercises (which vary week to week)

Tuesday - Conditioning

Wednesday - Variety (would like to switch this to an olympic lifting day or a strongman day once I start focusing more on heavy strength again)

Thursday - Conditioning

Friday - Squat, Bench Press, Curl, and assistance exercises (varies)

Saturday - Rest, or light conditioning

My current records are

Deadlift - 405 pounds

Squat - 305 x 5, I'm limited to 305 as a max for now since the weak equipment I am currently stuck with can't handle much more. Currently working on improving my squat via the 20 squat regimen, which is currently working very well.

Bench Press - 225, though this is currently on the rise and will soon change

Overhead Press - 155, also currently rising

Axle Press - 143

One Arm Press - 80

Rolling Thunder - 110

Single Arm Ring Deadlift - 150 (brand new lift as of the day of this writing, will hopefully change very soon)

And I'm working on closing the #2 CoC gripper.

Goals for the future, as of this writing, would be to work on tendon and ligament training, work on assistance exercises to build up the support muscles for each of the primary lifts, to continue to practice on olympic lifting, and to learn additional physical skills outside of just weight training so as to have another application for all the strength and skill I feel I am developing. Currently thinking on things like martial arts, tumbling/gymnastics, and perhaps some form of dance. Something different so I can diversify myself.

Hoping to have future posts to follow this up with. But even if I take a while to post, rest assured I am training as hard as I can.


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