Friday, May 7, 2010

Training 5/7/10

Well today's training session went rather well. I began the session later in the day after a TGIF party a friend of mine was hosting (well, the party was still going but I had a timetable I had to reach for my training and I was trying to avoid one of their friends so I left early) so I was mostly fresh but I had just recently eaten, but it didn't seem to affect me too much.

Started off with breathing squats, which I took to 255 for the requisite 20 repetitions. My first round of 20 went off well, ground out to 7 before having to really pause, then when in groups of three until I hit 16, where I had to get the last few out 2 at a time. Was feeling pretty well hammered, but I managed to get off 15 pullovers with 30 pounds after that to stretch my ribs. I then rested and paced for a few minutes before trying out for a second set.

The second set went mostly well, I struggled my way to 16 before I felt like I was losing too much circulation in my arms and my legs were just in extreme pain. So I set the bar down for a moment and waited until my arms had their feeling back before getting the last 4 squats in, making sure that these last 4 were as deep as my exhausted legs could muster.

It took some time to recover to say the least, I was sweating and breathing heavily and I was very tired. But I moved on to the Bench Press. I quickly moved up to 215 pounds, where I sort of stalled. Not having a spotter I couldn't be too daring, so I got out two sets at that weight, one for 2 reps, and another for just 1. Without a spotter I didn't feel safe going for more yet.

Somewhat frustrated, I was going to set in to do my heavy curls but one of the wanker kids at the gym wanted to use the normal barbell, so I ended up having to use the Apollon's Axle for my curls, which ordinarily wouldn't be a problem its just that it cuts into my top poundages. Still, I put up 103 for sets of 4 on my top sets on the axle, which I figure is pretty good. Whenever I do axle curls though, I feel this twinge running down my forearm that is mildly concerning, unsure if its a pain that will go away with training or get worse, but I suppose theres one way to find out.

Anyway, I feel I did well. I'm more concerned with whether or not I ate enough today to sustain myself. But we'll see.

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